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Pond & Lake Aeration

Farm Pond & Lake Aeration

Lake & Pond Fountains

Across The Pond Aquascapes, in the Doylestown & The Bucks & Montgomery County areas of Pennsylvania (PA), sells, installs, and provides Airmax bottom-diffused aeration in shallow ponds and lakes that are a unique maintenance challenge to local pond owners. Less water depth means smaller plate coverage, which usually translates to bigger, more expensive, multi-plate systems.

Airmax Shallow Water Series™ Aeration Systems provide multiple plates to provide evenly distributed aeration in shallow water applications without forcing customers into large cost-prohibitive aeration or lake fountain units. Designed specifically for use in shallow water, our Shallow Water Series™ Aeration Systems aerate ponds up to 1/2 surface acre at 6’ deep.

Large Natural & Farm Pond Aeration

Aeration is all about gasses. Aeration mixes the pond, so that toxic gasses are efficiently released and life-giving oxygen readily replaces it. An aerated pond will be clearer, cleaner, healthier, and have less bottom muck than a pond without aeration.

Across The Pond Aquascapes knows that a pond without aeration will become stratified into two very separate layers in the summer heat. This is because of the physical properties of water. As the sun warms the surface water, it becomes less dense and thereby lighter than the cool water below it. The line at which these two layers separate (similar to oil floating on water) is called the thermocline.

The Airmax Ecosytem

The heart and soul of each Shallow Water Series™ Aeration System, our powerful yet energy-efficient SilentAir™ LR Series Linear Diaphragm Compressor push oxygen through your pond while remaining whisper-quiet and costing as little as $3.48 a month in electricity running 24/7. Each compressor has a 2-year warranty and is fitted with an integrated Manifold with Ball Valves to simplify airflow management and is mounted on vibration-reducing rubber feet to ensure quiet operation. Each airline is equipped with Quick Disconnects for easy system removal and storage.

Contact Us today to learn more information about the importance of aeration in your Doylestown, Bucks County, PA area pond or lake.

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Not only do we design and build ponds and water features, we also install large pond and lake aeration systems. We also install, service and maintain your aeration system over the years, to keep it functioning properly all year. Pond, water feature, and lake fountain & aeration service and maintenance are our specialties. We service over 100 clients annually, so trust us at Across The Pond Aquascapes to get the job done.

Pond & Lake Aeration Overview

The main goals of pond aeration are to increase dissolve oxygen content in the water and reduce stagnation. There are three main ways to achieve this:

  • Bottom Diffused Pond Aeration

These systems use a compressor housed in a cabinet on shore, to pump air to diffusers at the bottom of the pond. The diffusers create a boiling effect that causes the bottom water to push toward the surface. The greatest oxygen transfer occurs when that water contacts the surface. A properly sized system should be able to turn the volume of the pond multiple times per day. Bottom diffused pond aeration is the most efficient means of enhancing water quality in ponds over 7 feet deep. Now available in solar!

  • Oxygenation Saturation Technology

This exciting new technology is a state-of-the-art aeration system, available commercially for the first time this year. OST dissolves oxygen directly into the water which eliminates bubbles, turbulence, nutrient and sediment resuspension, and undesirable mixing. These systems can maintain dissolved oxygen levels as high as 20 ppm directly over and into the sediments. These levels of oxygen provide exceptional water quality, not achievable with any other system on the market. OST systems are suitable for ponds over 1 acre in size with a 10′ max depth. If trout are desired, a minimum of 15′ of depth is recommended.

  • Pond Fountains

These units pump water into the air by way of a submerged pump attached to a float that is placed in the pond. While they are aesthetically pleasing, pond fountains are mainly surface aerators that cannot pull water from deeper sections of the pond. They are, however, ideal oxygenation options for shallow ponds (<7′ deep). But not all fountains are created equal! Highly patterned units will have a reduced flow which limits surface mixing. There are specific brands and units that offer more robust surface mixing capabilities. Please see our Pond Fountains page for more information, or contact us to request a quote.

Airmax  Large Pond & Lake Bottom Aerators Sales/Installations/Services Serving Doylestown & The Bucks & Montgomery County Areas Of Southeastern Pennsylvania (PA)